Green Olives

The Greek Green olives are divided in two categories - varieties.

The first one is a round shaped variety, known as Amfissa type and is processed mostly like the Spanish type.

The second one is a long shape fruit, the "Halkidiki" type. Its large size and firm texture makes it preferable for stuffing, with pimento paste, natural pimento, garlic, almond etc.

Amfissa Variety is harvested in September when the color is still green. It is processed with caustic soda solution to remove the bitterness or it can be fermented naturally (it takes longer time)

Halkidiki variety is cultivated in the region of Halkidiki. Their characteristic is the big size fruit and firm texture. It is harvested in September-October, and it is processed with caustic soda solution (Spanish type)

Available Varieties

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