Kalamata Olives

This unique type of olive derives its name from the region of Kalamata, where it was originally grown. However, it grows in many places in Greece and has become the second most important variety in production in Greece.

The olive fruit has a long shape (almond), a beautiful black-violet colour that is obtained on the tree and provides rich flavor and hard texture. These olives are processed by natural fermentation and packed in brine, red vinegar and olive oil.

They are selected for their sweetness, their rich flavor and their difference in appearance. They are great to add them in salads if you are looking to add mono-unsaturated fats to your diet. You can use Kalamata olives in salads to add a natural and excellent source of fat to your food. They are also fantastic in olive tapenade, a rich olive spread popular in the Mediterranean.

Kalamata Pitted and Sliced are also very famous and useful in the food market.

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