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Common Queries and Questions

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  • Why to choose olives from Siouras? +

    Because our long term relations with the processing and production of Greek olives guarantee that we offer top quality olives, best available in the market, fair prices and reliable service. We are providers for long and NOT ONE SHOT PLAYERS.
  • Is there a minimum order? +

    We are flexible in the production and we believe that every big volume order and each long term cooperation starts from trial-small. We can combine products in the initial order.
  • What is the lead time of the delivery? +

    Normally for usual packaging sizes, the average lead time is 2 weeks. However, every time there is a contact and delivery arrangement between the company and the client.
  • Are all the olives available throughout the year? +

    Our annual capacity in each variety gives us the advantage of keeping stock to cover the maximum demand of olives throughout the year. Of course, since olives are an agricultural product, the crop depends on weather conditions, maybe there are seasons with low quantities.
  • What are the storage conditions of the packed olives? +

    The industrial & food service packages should be stored in ambient conditions, the shelf life is 2 years. the retail packages (pasteurized) are storages in ambient conditions, however after opening them they have to be refrigerated and consumed within a week.
  • Why some olives have a white surface on the top of the pack when they are stored for a long time? +

    Olives are "live" organisms. The fermentation is an ongoing process in NON PASTEURIZED packs. The yeasts are created on the olives' due to fermentation, they are not pathogens and do not affect the olives' quality.
  • Can you pack PRIVATE LABEL? +

    Our company can provide all the olives in retail or food service packs under PRIVATE LABEL without any special limits in quantity (only lithographic tons).
  • Can someone visit your factory? +

    Our company - factory is open for visitors, customers, quality audit companies, third party audits. Our pleasure is to show our clients how we produce our olives.
  • Do you make any micro or other tets on the produsts? +

    Our olives are checked for remaining pesticides and we run micro tests, shelf life tests, allergen tests and any test analysis upon customer request.
  • Can you arrange the transport on behalf of the client? +

    Our long term relations with shipping-transport companies allows us to offer to our clients the option of delivering the goods to their door with normal-fair freight.
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